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Rapid Insights presents public seminars and in-house team building events to help people achieve co-operative relationships, high morale and consequently increased productivity. We show you how to live and work successfully, play novomatic casino alongside others and understand that differences in personality are normal.

We provide individuals, organisations and businesses with world-class information to help people take more control of their relationships at home or at work. We help you to feel less stressed and more confident that you can handle difficult behaviours.

We have a reputation for delivering easily absorbed, memorable and entertaining presentations. The highest qualifications, extensive training and 40 years of tried and tested programs ensures your workplace colleagues will feel valued, respected and supported.

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Guide To Difficult People

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Guide to Handling Difficult People, Behaviours & Situations. This Guide is for anyone who's ever had to deal with "difficult" people, either at work or at home


“I’ve learnt to change the way I look at various people, situations and events”
Kylie James
"The skill of how to never worry ever again was sensational"
Barbara Moore
“Our staff have returned with new-found confidence and a heightened appreciation of communication skills. I can already see a difference. I readily recommend your training as very beneficial.”
Louise Merryweather
Past Principal
Viewbank PS