Gavan Podbury

Gavan Podbury

Gavan Podbury – Personality Profiler and Qualified Therapist

Gavan Podbury conducts seminars and professional development programs for people who want to communicate more clearly and have a greater impact on their relationships at work and at home. An internationally experienced speaker, Gavan's powerful presentations have motivated and inspired.

Gavan's primary academic training is in the human sciences including psychology, human development, sociology and interpersonal skills. He has higher qualifications in Program & Service Evaluation, Strategic Planning and Personality Profiling.

His experience has lead him to reject the conventional methods used in assertiveness training, believing that for many people they just don't work.

Gavan has created a new and different model for being able to confidently assert yourself, which most people relate to immediately.

His experience is wide-spread and includes working with small and medium businesses, large corporations and all three levels of government. He presents to tertiary, secondary and primary education organisations as well as health, welfare and community groups.

As one of the youngest ever CEOs of a government agency in Australia, Gavan was responsible for creating the (NILS) No Interest Loans Scheme. NILS is now the largest micro-finance scheme in Australia, operating at 229 locations in Australia and in several other countries. The program has helped 125,000 low-income individuals and families to improve their quality of life without the pressure often exerted by finance institutions or unemployment.

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“I left feeling inspired and empowered to make things happen for myself and not wait for others to do it for me. I would just like to thank you for giving me a push in the right direction.”
Amanda Milkeraitis
Ringwood SC
"Have been in the public sector for 15 years and this is the best training I have attended"
Kathy Grant
“The method of staying calm when emotions are high worked very well”
Jason Francis