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From Conflict to Co-operation

Skills for handling difficult team members, work colleagues, stakeholders, clients and others (including troublesome family members)

Attend if someone is difficult at home or work. 

For example, do you have difficulty keeping your emotions in check when a disagreement occurs?

Are you looking for ways to improve relationships in your life or workplace?

Get skills NOW to fix these problems. But why should you act now?

Because if nothing changes in your life... then nothing will change.

Meaning, the problem you have today, will be there tomorrow and the day after and the day after that.

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If you are serious about wanting to improve your situation at home or work then come along to an outstanding seminar that has captured the attention of people all over Australia.

  • See and hear practical examples of how to deal with difficult people, behaviours and situations
  • Arm yourself with tips to remain calm and in control of your emotions when under pressure

Use this powerful information to change outcomes, improve relationships, enhance teamwork, resolve conflict, restore harmony, improve productivity. Discover insights on how to get along with people you may not even like. This seminar is renowned for explaining exactly what you need to do to communicate and work successfully with different and difficult personality types.

Learning Outcomes  (No Role-Plays)

  • Learn how to handle difficult people, behaviours & situations
  • Learn how to communicate, live and work successfully alongside different personality types – including difficult colleagues, family members and others
  • Walk away with a minimum of 37 tips, techniques or strategies
  • Learn skills to minimise conflict, tension & disagreements
  • Learn the secret of remaining calm during conflict
  • Understand what 'drives' different people - understand how they 'tick' and how to 'get through' to different types (hear speficic words to use or to avoid with different personality types)
  • Learn how to get people to take notice and listen
  • Learn how to more easily persuade and influence different types of people
  • Make the giving of feedback and conducting 'performance management' conversations easier through knowledge of personality profiling
  • Hear a proven way to never worry about anything ever again – money-back guarantee!
  • Take away multiple fact sheets, plus a Certificate of Attendance

Book online or download / print and information brochure

Over 29,000 people have attended our NO role-play seminars. Attendees at From Conflict to Co-operation report feeling more confident about their situation. We get dozens of testimonials from people thanking us for the difference the seminar made to their lives and the immediate results they've achieved.

Bookings are essential. There are NO door sales as these events are fully catered.

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“I thought I’d heard it all before – but your material was refreshingly different”
Robert Smith
“I left feeling inspired and empowered to make things happen for myself and not wait for others to do it for me. I would just like to thank you for giving me a push in the right direction.”
Amanda Milkeraitis
Ringwood SC
"The skill of how to never worry ever again was sensational"
Barbara Moore