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Our seminars are for people who want to improve their communications and gain skills for handling difficult people, behaviours and situations at home or at work. Rapid Insight seminars give you the tools and techniques you need to improve relationships and gives you hope that things can be better.

More than 29,000 have attended these NO role-play seminars. Attendees at From Conflict To Co-operation report feeling more confident about their situation. We get dozens of testimonials from people thanking us for the difference in their lives and the immediate results they've achieved.

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If you are serious about wanting to improve your current situation at home or work, then come along to an outstanding seminar that has captured the attention of people all over Australia.

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Guide To Difficult People

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Guide to Handling Difficult People, Behaviours & Situations. This Guide is for anyone who's ever had to deal with "difficult" people, either at work or at home


“Our staff have returned with new-found confidence and a heightened appreciation of communication skills. I can already see a difference. I readily recommend your training as very beneficial.”
Louise Merryweather
Past Principal
Viewbank PS
“The staff we sent have reported to me that they enjoyed and got plenty of benefit from your seminar.”
Veronica Lau
Professional Development Co-ordinator
Australian National Audit Office
"The skill of how to never worry ever again was sensational"
Barbara Moore