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Need a dynamic speaker for an upcoming event or conference?

If you want your staff to have a co-operative attitude in their day-to-day interactions and their morale to soar to new heights then it’s time to talk with Gavan Podbury – Australia's "King of Personality Profiling." Most speakers inspire audiences for an hour but a great speaker can change a life forever. Gavan Podbury is such a speaker and is available for motivational keynote addresses, break-outs and longer sessions.

Gavan's presentation style is relaxed, energetic and free-flowing, packed with memorable content. Your audience will feel positively empowered with new ways to communicate based on understanding natural personality differences. Presentations show people how to identify the various different personalities and then, how best to communicate and work successfully with those people. Presentations can range from a keynote address of 45-60 minutes through to a 90 minute break-out session or a 3 hour seminar.

  • The Art of "Speed Reading" People
  • How to handle difficult people, behaviours & situations using Personality Profiling
  • How to quickly identify different personality types
  • How to get on with people you don't even like
  • How to communicate and work successfully with different (and difficult) personality types
  • How to survive ungrateful, selfish & feral teenagers
  • Skills for handling difficult people
  • Skills for managing conflict, anger & disagreements
  • Skills for saving time, stress & energy
  • Skills for coping with change
  • Time management skills for people who already know every trick under the sun
  • How to work smarter not harder
  • How to more easily persuade and influence people
  • How to have a happy & productive workplace - improve morale, lessen misunderstandings & conflicts
  • How to create and sustain strong work teams
  • The 15 Characteristics of High Performance Teams
  • How to fix most teams that are broken
  • Why some teams will never work and what you can do about it

Gavan enjoys creating new material so please, you’re invited to suggest a topic that interests you.

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Guide to Handling Difficult People, Behaviours & Situations. This Guide is for anyone who's ever had to deal with "difficult" people, either at work or at home


"Have been in the public sector for 15 years and this is the best training I have attended"
Kathy Grant
“The staff we sent have reported to me that they enjoyed and got plenty of benefit from your seminar.”
Veronica Lau
Professional Development Co-ordinator
Australian National Audit Office
“Gavan has conducted a number of sessions for the Productivity Commission in Melbourne and Canberra and has done a terrific job. Staff really felt that he was speaking to them directly about their situation rather than just trotting out a ‘stock standard’ delivery. I believe everyone both enjoyed and benefitted from his sessions.”
Kath Micallef
Productivity Commission