Discover how to deal with challenging attitudes...
High Performance Teams rarely happen by accident...

Team Improvement

Is tension having a negative impact on team morale and productivity? Discover how to:

  • Maximise the effectiveness of your team
  • Get teams co-operating
  • Help team members face up to conflict, tension and disagreements

To have a happy and productive workplace, you need to know that these things do not happen by accident.

Where tension exists, teams of all sizes can be shown how to adopt a simple and pro-active approach to prevent problems reoccurring or minimising their effect. Team members can be helped to appreciate and value individual differences in ways that are relaxed, enjoyable and non-threatening. There are NO role-plays in our team building sessions. Staff are frequently amazed at what they discover or re-discover about themselves and others in this simple process.

Rapid Insights has been in the "team repair” business for 23 years, refining our deliverables and outlasting many others. Over that period, we've built a reputation for integrity, confidentiality and value for money.

Check our references – ask people who already know. We can put you in touch with people who have already experienced the benefits of Rapid Insights Team Building Services. You can quiz them about the positive outcomes enjoyed when engaging us.

Your team will benefit from attending the From Conflict To Co-operation seminar.

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What happens if you don't take action?
If you continue to avoid workplace tension and conflict it will eventually kill productivity and morale!

What are the benefits you can expect from dealing with us?
We help team members muster the courage to face up to difficult situations and show them how to:

  • Find ‘common ground’
  • Improve communication
  • Lessen misunderstandings
  • Improve relationships
  • Resolve conflict
  • Promote tolerance
  • Enhance co-operation
  • Improve morale

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“Our staff have returned with new-found confidence and a heightened appreciation of communication skills. I can already see a difference. I readily recommend your training as very beneficial.”
Louise Merryweather
Past Principal
Viewbank PS
"Have been in the public sector for 15 years and this is the best training I have attended"
Kathy Grant
“Several hundred FaCHSIA staff have told us how much they both enjoyed and benefitted from your refreshingly different content.”
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